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  • A Few Things You Need To Know When Shopping For Couplers

    4 November 2018

    Couplers are one of those pieces many people take for granted. Machines, hoses, and motors come with them already in place and working. Unfortunately, they will wear out, and often before the piece they ar attached to. When this happens, you can replace the whole thing, with the coupler connected to the new piece, or simply replace the coupler. Replacing the coupler is usually simpler and will cost less money. However, you need to be sure you get the right coupler or you will only end up with more damage.

  • Ensure Your Boiler Emergency Plan Has These Elements

    5 August 2018

    Do you have a boiler in your business? If so, you need to take a moment to consider how you would handle a boiler emergency. Perhaps you have a plan in place, but it is important to consider whether it will protect your business and employees under all circumstances. Some businesses only have plans in place that will protect them in specific emergencies. The following are a few points to keep in mind as you review your existing boiler emergency plan or create one.

  • A Retail Mapping System Makes Your Store More Efficient

    15 June 2018

    If you own a retail store or chain of stores, then you know how challenging it is to manage inventory. Keeping track of inventory as it moves through your system is critical, but it's often hard to control it once it's on the floor. Shoppers often move things around or hide an item so they can find it later. Overcoming inventory challenges is easy with the right retail mapping system. Here are some of the things the software can do.

  • Working On Some Tough Concrete Materials? Contact A Tungsten Supplier To Make Your Own Bits

    11 May 2018

    Drilling through concrete is a major pain that can cost you multiple drill bits during a job. However, metal like tungsten creates a durable and reliable bit that will tear through concrete with no difficultly. Thankfully, you can find tungsten from a supplier and have them ship it to you. In this way, you can experiment with building your own bits. Tungsten Is Considered An Excellent Drill Metal Tungsten is one of the hardest metals on the planet and is capable of creating excellent drill bits.

  • 3 Things To Remember When Buying Cleaning Supplies For Your Factory

    23 April 2018

    The cleanliness of your factory is very important, and you probably buy a lot of cleaning supplies to help keep the place nice and clean. Regardless, there are still a few tips that you may need to know about stocking your factory with cleaning supplies. Remember these tips for best results. 1. Buying in Bulk is Smart First of all, you should remember that buying cleaning supplies in bulk is always a good idea.

  • 3 Benefits Of Automatic Girth Welders

    29 March 2018

    If you are a welding professional, then you might often find yourself welding tanks, boilers, and other similarly sized and shaped items. If this is the case, then you could always be looking for the best welding equipment to use for the job. One good option that you can consider is an automatic girth welder. If you have been using more manual techniques for welding these types of things, then you might be surprised by the many benefits of an automatic girth welder.

  • How To Choose The Right Ink Type For Your Thermal Transfer Printers

    7 March 2018

    Unlike direct transfer printer systems, thermal transfer printers rely on a durable ribbon to deliver the ink that is heat set onto your label or package. There are three main types of ink applied to these ribbons, all of which are based on either wax, resin, or a combination of the two. These materials are used because they react to heat and form a durable printed image that better resists smudging or water damage than alcohol or water based inks.

  • Choosing A Commercial Paint Sprayer

    14 February 2018

    If you run a painting business and are ready to take your business to the next level, then it is time to get a paint sprayer. With the right commercial sprayer, you can set down your brush and finish the job in less than half the time. This leads to happy customers and also allows you to fit more homes into your schedule. So, what should you look for in a commercial paint sprayer that will turn your whole business around?

  • Air Compressor Uses And Maintenance

    23 January 2018

    Many people who work with tools have an air compressor to help them get through their day. Air compressors can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $7,000 depending on the quality, so you want to make sure to utilize it properly and maintain it to get the most out of your tool.  Uses for an Air Compressor Many people utilize their air compressor for their intended purpose but then forget about its other possible uses.